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themobgods: I'm innocent I tells ya. 
Posted Privately: 10/13 10:33 pm
tplear: Hi Laurie! Thanks for the guess and the key!
Posted: 10/13 6:17 pm
daydreamster: My Pleasure 
Posted: 10/13 5:12 pm
matschy: yw Laurie! ... and have a great day too
Posted: 10/13 3:21 pm
cashville: Hi Laurie, thanks for the guess and the key. Enjoy your weekend.
Posted: 10/13 2:28 pm
daydreamster: Thanks For Buying My Chests 
Posted: 10/13 2:07 pm
daffodil: I surfed everyday so I get free upgraded as well I am paid when it reaching $3.00 Here is my link if you are interested. http://www.easyhits4u.com/?ref=zazarin Anything just ask me I will tell you which you will never get from others. I find that its hard to get useful info from people. You can count on your on your fingers.
Posted Privately: 10/13 1:10 am
daffodil: First surf daily as much as you can as well as advertise it to get leads. I had 91 refs since I join. If you can surf up to 1000 sure you will have money prizes. Check how many days could you convert to premium, convert it even for 1 day so you could have 1 credits and better prizes. Assign all your advertising but leave one active so that your credits are saved for better use eg for promoting any sites which are also paying.
Posted Privately: 10/13 1:05 am
daffodil: EH4U is the best te, it delivers best service and it pays whatever it promise and even better that what thought. Many people did not like it because they did't understand how to make it work and also it's slow surfing. Here I upgraded according to days I will work on it.
Posted Privately: 10/13 12:55 am
daffodil: His notes on homepage is misleading and I consider its lying by noting "It pays to promote your referral Link. Make sure you are getting your share of the commissions  Number of Referrals You have Referred so Far 23. Earn $0.50 CASH Commissions by referring new members -
Posted Privately: 10/13 12:41 am
daffodil: "brought"
Posted Privately: 10/13 12:30 am
daffodil: I bought in 23 referrals but never pays me. Please read menu COMMISSION and you can see how he plays with his payment.
Posted Privately: 10/13 12:30 am
daffodil: Isaw that you work on hits4surfers. I do not work on it anymore when it does not pay me. I had more than $10.00 and I was upgraded at the time because it had great money prices. It looks like its no point because you have to have Real sales from your referrals when you request Cash out. Most of my referrals are free members so they are not purchasing. For me a good TE 1. delivers good service. 2. Pay on what is promises, not abided by any conditions when members had done the job.
Posted Privately: 10/13 12:26 am
Posted Privately: 10/12 1:10 pm
daffodil: Btw if you wish to try other sites too you may do so.
Posted Privately: 10/12 12:21 pm
daffodil: After you release the sites active, allocate the credits and surf up to 300 pages so the ads rotates
Posted Privately: 10/12 12:14 pm
daffodil: Fill in all the sites just TS link only on advertising - site/banner/text. Enable them except for one active so you can surf for credits. Get as much credits but do not allocate them until 30 min before reset time on Sunday.
Posted Privately: 10/12 12:11 pm
daffodil: For top promotion, the sites are not very good because they are small size TE. There are only 3 of them that I will use. Sign up with my link if you like,
Posted Privately: 10/12 12:04 pm
daffodil: Bitcoin I love it. Since I tested it until now I had collected almost $80.00 of free collections Same as pte there asr also scams among them but had deleted them from my list and work on good ones. I am confident on it and still collecting.
Posted Privately: 10/12 11:55 am
daffodil: Its sound easy but there are lots of obstacles because scam is every where. Ti will be slow process because I will work on the ptc sites as free member and built it up with the money earned so when they turn scam I do not lost money out of pocket.
Posted Privately: 10/12 11:49 am
wildbean: Congrats on winning 5 cash chest.
Posted Privately: 10/11 5:19 pm
YokoBattle wtg on your draw winning!
Posted: 10/11 5:17 pm
matschy: Congrats Laurie!
Posted: 10/11 2:36 pm
Royal: congrats Laurie
Posted: 10/11 10:41 am
daffodil: Not much time for surfing though because I also collecting bitcoins and as well I am testing some ptc if I could make $100 daily with them.
Posted Privately: 10/11 9:59 am
daffodil: I am fine thank you. I had join plenty of TE mainly for advertising but I work them up with cross benefit meaning both sites are paying but not surfing many at the time
Posted Privately: 10/11 9:40 am
DailyWebclicks: ohh my goodness winner of 5 cash chest great work! 
Posted: 10/11 9:02 am
snrubr1: Thank you for the key.
Posted: 10/11 5:23 am

walkingrock: Congrats Laurie!
Posted: 10/11 2:30 am
oldbuddy: Congrats on the big prize!
Posted: 10/11 1:36 am
oldbuddy: Thanks for the Key, I went to the movies tonight with some of my free Internet money, keeps my wife happy.
Posted: 10/11 12:41 am
Successcontours: Thank you! And have Nice Time!
Posted: 10/10 8:20 pm
bookie: Thank you for the key.
Posted: 10/10 4:19 pm
rnport48: Thanks for the chest.Have a G'Day!
Posted: 10/10 3:44 pm
claude: Thanks for the key!
Posted: 10/10 2:58 pm
themobgods: Both tasks approved and tokens sent Laurie. Let me know if you have any questions re EBB, and if you want to look more closely, let me know. Pete
Posted Privately: 10/09 11:45 pm
themobgods: That new banner editor is pretty cool, going to have to play with that a bit. 
Posted Privately: 10/09 6:33 pm
themobgods: EBB Just added a new tool (it's in beta, but works well enough at this point to release it) https://youtu.be/P8-iOHuE18s
Posted Privately: 10/09 5:28 pm
Posted Privately: 10/09 5:25 pm
Posted Privately: 10/09 5:25 pm
Posted Privately: 10/09 5:24 pm
themobgods: To be fair, there is a full serious of training behind the scenes, but with the obvious goal of selling their own products and services. Adding the CTP task now.
Posted Privately: 10/09 12:32 pm
themobgods: It promotes their 4 traffic exchanges, an autoresponder and a tracking system claiming the A/R and Tracking are cheap at about $20/mth for the A/R and $9/mth the tracking. I prefer to use EBB where I get both of those and a lot more for $15/mth. Definitely a task set up for EBB... This is one of the squeeze pages I made there with a short A/R series behind it to outline some of the benefits of EBB.  Pete http://ebbt.us/bFhZBj
Posted Privately: 10/09 12:25 pm
themobgods: meh, looked over their splash pages and it is still promoting the way it was with lots of cash prizes. These days it is like Swirl in that the biggest prize is 1c and no cash prizes for top teams either. If you want a look the link is...http://clicktrackprofit.com/?referer=themobgods
Posted Privately: 10/09 12:16 pm
Fun surfer: thanks
Posted: 10/09 11:46 am
themobgods: Still around, surfing when I can. CTP Playoffs until the 15th so they take up a bit of time. How much are cash chests selling for these days?  Pete
Posted Privately: 10/09 1:35 am