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Google launches new Opinion Reward app in India, now get paid to take surveys
Google has launched the Opinion Reward application in India. This application supplies a user with regular surveys and in return they'll be paid in Google Play Credit. Though this credit cannot be en-cashed, it can be used to buy applications and other services from Google Play Store.
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Get Paid Social Review - You Might Want To Check This Out
Name: Get Paid Social website: Owner: Jeff Long Price: Free (premium membership optional) Overall Rating: 3.5/5 stars Get Paid Social is the latest and greatest get paid to do this and do that program out there. I am usually not a fan of these sites, but for some reason, I found more interest in this than I did others.
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Thank you for your interest in joining the Consumer Input research panel, operated by Compete, Inc. By joining the program, you will help brands improve their marketing/services based on insights from the online behaviors and overall profiles of millions of consumers like you.

Once the software is installed and activated, it may collect the following kinds of information from your computer:

  • Online browsing: This includes the sites you visit, including news sites or social networks, and your interactions with those sites, and interactions that they make on your behalf.
  • Online activities: This includes the search terms you enter and the results of such searches, the videos you view, the products you shop for online, information you enter into forms, the materials you download or upload, the advertisements you see, information and content on web pages you visit or with which you interact and may include personal, financial and health information.
  • Information on secure pages: This includes information and content from protected or secure pages that you access, such as online accounts or the content of complete and incomplete consumer transactions when you are checking out through a website’s shopping cart, even if the website makes this information unreadable to others.
  • System information: This includes information about the computer and browser that you are running on, including the IP address of the computer, unique identifiers used by websites and applications (such as those found in cookies), how the software is operating, and which other applications are installed or running.

The above list contains examples, and is not a comprehensive list of every data element.

The software may also modify or replace content or ads that you see as part of a market research study.

Filtering of certain personally identifiable or sensitive information – Compete has established certain procedural and technical privacy rules designed to try to avoid the collection of certain types of personally identifiable and sensitive information that can be identified by those processes, such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, email addresses and email content from most web-based email accounts. Despite our efforts, certain personally identifiable or sensitive information might get through the privacy rules and procedures. However, we do not knowingly use any inadvertently retained personally identifiable or sensitive information in our services.

We may combine data collected by the service, data collected outside the service but part of the program, data collected by our related programs, and data obtained from other sources. We use this information to conduct research and analysis, and may share the information with our customers, partners, and affiliates. However, we prohibit our customers, partners, and affiliates from using your information to target advertising to you individually, although they may use the analysis to improve the way they generally target advertising to consumer market segments to which you may belong. We may use the information to determine whether to invite you to participate in a research survey.

For more information about our information collection and use practices, please read our Privacy Policy.

If you participate in any other research panels or programs run by us (whether directly or indirectly, and regardless of device and applicable policy for each such other program), by joining this program you agree that we may use any information we have about you to match the data collected through this program with the data collected through such other panels and programs (including data collected in the past), and use the combined “multi-device” data pursuant to the most restrictive applicable privacy policy. If you are upgrading the Software from an older version, re-joining this research program, or otherwise accepting the latest version of this Policy, you agree that after doing so, your data previously collected by Compete under your prior participation in the program may be used as described in this Policy. You may always uninstall the Software by following the instructions provided here.

By installing/upgrading the software, you agree to the terms of our End User License Agreement.