Self-Education Advice

Use Advanced Learning Strategies to Learn Faster, Remember More and be More Productive

Learning without instructors are for people who are not dependent on knowledge from others, instead they are self taught and if they want to learn a skill it is possible for them to educate themselves. Self- learning is not a new concept but new technology has made it easier to enroll in free online courses. Other benefits include the ability to educate yourself from home.

Tips to increase your intelligence starts with knowing where to go to continue your life long learning. The Philosophy of mental improvement has basic principles that challenge the variety of your curiosity. So learning how to work and understand this process will keep your brain working fast and efficient. There are formal courses, websites and books with programs on how to train your brain with the principles for memory, visualization and reasoning.

DIY education tips on how to teach yourself – The motivated achiever consistently learns new skills.

Some ways to expand your horizon is by using all the different forms of learning that is available, such as in the use of more than just formal education. The internet makes it easy to earn free certificates online.

Top methods include the advantage that one can learn from the practical life experience they have achieved, also by reading articles and books, from watching televised educational programs or from mentors.

Self-Directed Learning Websites – The following is a variety of sites that offer self learning, including technology, art, and business.

MITopencourseware offers a collection of lecture notes, exams, videos, and other resources for self learning.

Selfdirectedlearning provides you with resources for learning on your own.

W3Schools provides learning for an extensive amount of web-building technologies.

DigitalArtsonline is full of learning and inspiration for digital creativity.

Literatureorg offers an extensive online library of literature for you to read and study.

Biology-onlineorg has learning devoted strictly to biology.

SOS Math is a free resource with lots of math review material, including trigonometry, algebra, and calculus.

Leadershiptrainingtutorials is a site that offers lots of self learning resources for leadership, including tutorials, articles, and a knowledgebase.

Self-Directed Learning is a tool that individuals can use to help boost their occupational status. Just getting a University Degree that teaches you how to pass tests is not going to benefit graduates of all ages. Instead the ability to unlearn and relearn what has been taught is necessary to take control of our minds method for assimilating information.

The Workforce is seeing a increase in what is known as “Agile Learners” who take the initiative to go beyond the basics and dig deeper into a subject to improve themselves as well as taking disciplined action to further their careers.

Reading Self-Help Books also is a great way to grow in knowledge and personal development

The Art of Self Education Information and ResourcesIt has been reported that self education fosters mastery because of the lack of constraints or a predetermined curriculum agenda; because you have the opportunity to learn as much about a topic as you want.

Some of the main advantages is that it allows you to go deeper into a particular area of study which is a luxury not afforded by formal education. Typically a formal education curriculum tends to move one along at a certain pace and in a certain order which is not conducive for all learning styles.

The Future of Self-Learning and Self-Teaching

According to Wikipedia: “One of the most recent trends in education is that the classroom environment is changing to include the students’ individual needs, goals, and interests. This model adopts the idea of inquiry-based learning where students identify their own research, questions and knowledge regarding the subject of study. This is known as a form of discovery learning, with more opportunity to “experience and interact” with knowledge, which has its roots in autodidacticism.”

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